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Bella Rain

🦩Flamingo Beach🏖️

🦩Flamingo Beach🏖️

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Our swimsuits are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit for your little swimmer, and they're not just stylish – they also contain SPF 40 to keep your babes protected against the sun's rays while they play! With our durable materials and attention to detail, rest assured that these swimsuits will keep up with every splash and adventure, ensuring endless summer memories! ✨ 

SWIM SAFE COLORS: Bright, contrasting, & neon colors that help make your little one visible in most bodies of water.

How to Order:
1. Choose Your Print - Listings are organized by print 
2. Choose your style - Each style you click on will display an example photo to help you visualize the look.
3. If you have any questions when ordering don't hesitate to send us a message:
When shopping with us you get:

  1. 15 years of sewing experience
  2. Quality in every item
  3. 40 SPF to help protect your babes from the sun
  4. Fast customer service

*Colors may differ slightly due to differences between computer monitors and mobile devices. All pieces are created by hand, so no two are identical. Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the photos.

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